August 2020

Hospital market analysis: Post-COVID belt-tightening, M&A activity likely ahead
Federal program fumbling funds for uninsured COVID patients
Elon Musk’s Neuralink has healthcare AI on the brain
Amazon foregrounds consumer AI with its new health-improvement wearable
TeraRecon Launches Intuition Subscription with Included Eureka AI Platform
Machine learning can help avert infants’ discomfort, overtreatment
AMA wants more FDA transparency, physician involvement during COVID vaccine development
More time to apply for a share of $15B in phase 2 COVID relief funding
Getting acquired by private equity bolsters hospitals’ bottom line, quality status
AI–spectroscopy combo rats out fentanyl and its illicit kin
Google takes $100M plunge into telehealth
How deeply involved should physicians be in America’s social struggles?
Major U.S. airport launches onsite COVID-19 testing, with results in less than 1 hour
Nursing homes, assisted living centers expect COVID-caused closings
Analysis: $1.4B could have gone to better uses than discarded Medicare drugs
Brain imaging a likely focus for ‘AI vs. mental illness’ researchers
AI model suggests COVID-19 will grow more infectious
Almost half of physicians believe the COVID crisis won’t cool off until June 2021
Will the COVID crisis rouse health execs from pop-health procrastination?
Pandemic perspectives: 3 affected generations, 1 stark conclusion
Researchers clarify: Don’t dismiss the neck gaiter as a facemask failure
Pandemic has opened doors for telehealth, but security concerns could narrow the space
AI all over COVID-countering advances backed by the NIH
Internationally trained AI yields generalizable COVID lung catcher
Standard operating procedures start chugging back to life at Medicare, Medicaid
$1.4B in fresh COVID relief headed for freestanding children’s hospitals
Nursing homes report highest COVID case totals to-date, plead to Congress for help
7 reasons Slavitt is jazzed over rapid saliva test for COVID
CDS software improves patient outcomes as well as practitioner performance
Twin-engine AI speeds COVID patients through triage
$66M to hospitalize 38 patients over 3 weeks—would you take that deal?
Search engines unequally inhospitable to antivaxxers
3 ways AI can enable ‘earlier medicine’ across the care continuum
Emergency in the national ER: Only 8% of department-dedicated docs working rural
5 easy actions to boost pediatric vaccination participation
HHS offers $2.5M in CARES Act funding to boost health information exchange during crises
‘Imaginative AI’ a strong diagnostic performer vs. doctors
4 ways AI may change plastic surgery
Big businesses are hiring chief medical officers
Mask study finds one style actually increases transmission risk
Medical educators: Appreciate AI’s limitations as well as its potential
Does AI mean the end for breast radiologists?
Debate over hybrid classrooms a signpost of back-to-school health troubles ahead
Photo-fed AI can tell your dietician what’s on your plate
CVS Health thriving despite COVID setback
Essential workers in therapy resilient against COVID
Verma gets behind Trump’s telehealth plan, ‘sweeping’ healthcare executive order to come
Teladoc agrees to buy chronic care company Livongo in $18.5B deal
Notes from China: 3 of the most important—and scariest—things you’ll read about AI all month
AI in daily clinical practice: Can we get there from here anytime soon?
Google and Harvard team up against COVID
Three-quarters of the chronically ill see plenty of doctors but don’t know what to do next
Some sleepers arise in rankings of top (and bottom) states for healthcare
Healthcare coalition cheers House vote overturning ‘archaic’ ban on unique patient identifiers
AI’s black box could help or hinder the anti-COVID cause