According to a report, from 2019 and 2021, Medicare Advantage plans put taxpayers on the hook for dubious care services.

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The average payment rate to physicians is suggested to be reduced by 2.93% in 2025 under the proposed fee schedule change, the agency noted. 

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Researchers explored more than 100,000 online reviews, using AI to learn as much as possible about what drives patients to give their cardiologist a positive or negative rating.

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Using the technology and making it work for purpose are two different things. And the U.S. leads all countries in terms of full implementation, at 24% (vs. 19% for China).

The way a cardiology department's management is organized can have a direct impact on physician satisfaction and patient care. "Without good governance and leadership, nothing else matters," one expert said. 

Medical professionals using AI in clinical decision-making should limit the technology’s reach to a supportive role, says the ACP.

Less than a third of companies employing tech-equipped knowledge workers have a formal AI strategy in place. And “dangerous divides” separate such workers from the leaders to whom they ultimately report.