Big-payout lotteries aimed at incentivizing Americans to get vaccinated for COVID-19 have largely flopped, according to a research letter running in JAMA Health Forum.

Aimed at food manufacturers, chain restaurants and food service operators, the document offers target sodium levels for some 163 categories of processed, prepared and packaged foods.

A systematic review of 57 studies representing more than a quarter-million COVID cases has turned up some distressing statistics on survivors—not least those considered “long-haulers.”  

Is an Amish community in Pennsylvania’s Lancaster County the first U.S. subpopulation to achieve herd immunity against COVID-19?

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The policy is needed to ensure regulatory pathways keep pace with innovation, which is only expected to accelerate, one expert said recently.

Only two-thirds of U.S. healthcare consumers are OK with surgeons using digital facial recognition to avoid medical error by confirming patient identity.

More than 90% of rads working in North America and around the globe said the specialty is well-suited for online teaching, experts reported Tuesday in Insights into Imaging.