July 2016

Study: A third of pediatric hospital readmissions could be prevented
State news: S.C. hospital to pay $17M settlement, new single-payer proposal in N.J.
Yeast can be more powerful than you think
Study: Alzheimer’s patients at higher risk for potentially avoidable hospital stays
Reliq, formerly Moseda, appoints new member to board
HHS joins international public-private organization to combat antibiotic resistant infections
One nose bacteria might be able to kill another, deadlier one
CDC releases first-ever survey of prison healthcare
Q&A: EHR system helps providers diagnose rare diseases
New drug development software can identify specific binding cells
‘One in a billion’: Cambridge Consultants takes aim at DNA synthesis
CMS gives psychiatric facilities $100 million Medicare raise
One of country's biggest single-location hospital pairs new construction with technology overhaul
New director named for National Institute of Mental Health
Healthcare industry accounts for 88 percent of all ransomware attacks
Study: Does the implementation of EHRs affect patient outcome?
FDA approves wireless insulin pen
Teva wins FTC approval for Allergan generics purchase, will divest of 79 drugs
Researchers create new diabetes medication that won’t weaken your bones
MedEx, Rite Aid partner to lower hospital readmission rates by 15%
Anthem argues merger with Cigna would help ACA markets
Type 2 diabetes drug, Adlyxin, receives FDA approval
New Alzheimer's drug test (mostly) fails
FTC supported by 11 states in suit against Advocate-NorthShore merger
Hospital can’t challenge HHS data on DSH payments, court rules
Hacking threat drives demand for information security analysts
Boston Scientific acquires radiofrequency ablation company as it expands portfolio
8.8 million New Yorkers give consent to put health records on state-wide network
3D printer shows potential for DNA amplification
Anti-overdose drug available in Texas CVS stores
CDC: Kids under 15 most common ER visitors for brain injury
Editorial: Critically evaluate technology's impact on healthcare
ACA market news: Cigna expanding, Centene scaling back
McKesson Health Solutions acquires IT technology vendor
Using speech to diagnose Alzheimer’s
Patients benefit from advocating for themselves
CMS star ratings debut with promise for continued updates
Purview Announces Release of Publisher Capable of Synchronizing Medical Imaging Records
FDA seeking comment on blood donation restrictions for gay men
Kaiser Family Foundation appoints New York Times journalist as editor-and-chief
43 states given ‘F’ grades on health price transparency report card
Polarized light scanner detects Alzheimer’s before symptoms appear
Alzheimer's, dementia might be discovered using the smell test
UV light gives Schneck Medical Center another layer to infection prevention
Patients' self-reported health info matches certain biomarkers
Study: More than half of adults misuse their prescriptions
Stanson Health appoints Jeremy Orr as chief medical officer
New website brings mental healthcare to rural communities
Study: U.S. falling behind other countries in height gain
CDC expands Zika blood testing period for pregnant women to 14 days
Software takes aim at reducing pediatric ADHD symptoms
Could new behavioral checklist predict dementia?
Nanoparticles used to deliver cancer drugs in dogs
Genetically altered protein molecule stops bleeding at faster rate
Florida providers going to trial in $360 million antitrust case against HealthFirst
Wearable fertility tracker uses temperature readings to improve accuracy
Osteopathic treatment helps reduce pain in postpartum women, study shows
Study: ACA cut hospital charity care, stabilized bad debt expenses
Behavioral activation could be just as effective as more expensive treatment for depression
Antitrust suits against insurer mergers may not discourage consolidation
Drawing blood can now be done through a patch
American Osteopathic Association names new president
New FDA draft guidance seeks to clarify UDI forms
Stolen laptop costs the University of Mississippi Medical Center $2.75 million
Partnerships to bring better care to veterans both far and wide
HIV/AIDS infection rates won't budge
Health expert says industry is heading toward ‘oligopoly of hospitals’
Texas Biomed lands $23 million in funding for HIV vaccine
CMS star rating system coming "shortly"
The possibilities for stem cell therapies are many, yet they remain unused
HHS releases guidelines for healthcare facilities facing ransomware attacks
State news: Ill. requires 3D mammography coverage, Mont. health workers fired for giving data to lawmakers
Cancer-causing effects of alcohol more significant than possible cardiovascular benefits, study says
Compounds have been shown to prevent epilectic seizures in mice
Humana pulling out of ACA markets after antitrust lawsuit
$1B Medicare fraud scheme brings charges for 3 in Florida
Man-made protein created to study Abeta proteins role in Alzheimer’s
Medical groups lobbying for fewer OpenPayments requirements
Major players react to Aetna-Humana, Anthem-Cigna lawsuits
Brigham and Women’s nurses ratify contract, avoid strike
Increases in volume in trauma centers can improve survival rates
HHS report: 29% of rehab hospital patients reported experiencing harm
Telehealth gaining traction by building track record of success
CMS said $42 billion saved through fraud prevention, screening providers
Learning the human body with a hologram
Editorial: Politics pose major threat to healthcare
DOJ suing to block Anthem-Cigna, Aetna-Humana mergers
Fracking and asthma events could be correlated, says study
Liquid biopsies can detect ovarian cancer recurrence before tumor appears
Study: Most insurers lost money in exchanges’ first year—but were also losing money pre-ACA
Texas physicians deliver result-based system to prevent UTIs in surgical patients
3D-printed medical camera may fit inside syringe
Improved Alzheimer’s medication approved by FDA
California ACA premiums to increase 13.2 percent in 2017
Aged stem cells could bring a cure to ALS patients
Healthcare providers can reduce costs, improve results with interoperability
HHS report leaves it to Congress to fill privacy gaps on health data
Obesity drug discarded after being tied to patient deaths
Experts eye government's role in reducing public health inequalities
Arizona insurance brokerages partner to better serve region