Those involved in the CDC-led study say it's the most comprehensive analysis of its kind.

An initial analysis revealed Paxlovid reduced the risk of hospitalization or death in high-risk patients who took the pill within 3 days of experiencing symptoms.

Additionally, 71% of medical professionals said safety standards increased during the health crisis, according to survey results published Tuesday.

Ellume was the first company to gain federal authorization for an over-the-counter test to detect COVID-19.

Immunocompromised individuals are less likely to benefit from COVID-19 vaccines, according to a recent study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  


The administration said it studied the vaccine's safety in more than 3,100 children, and no serious side effects have been reported thus far.

More than 40% surveyed said the cash card played an important role in their decision, experts explained in JAMA Internal Medicine.

Big-payout lotteries aimed at incentivizing Americans to get vaccinated for COVID-19 have largely flopped, according to a research letter running in JAMA Health Forum.

A systematic review of 57 studies representing more than a quarter-million COVID cases has turned up some distressing statistics on survivors—not least those considered “long-haulers.”  

Is an Amish community in Pennsylvania’s Lancaster County the first U.S. subpopulation to achieve herd immunity against COVID-19?

A reversal in COVID telehealth reimbursement could further demoralize a medical specialty that has arguably carried more than its own weight during the public health crisis.

Healthcare access has improved thanks to advances and higher adoption of telemedicine.


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The first federated learning experiment will kick off in early 2022, aiming to produce a “highly accurate” COVID-19 classification model through collaboration. 

Cardiac imaging produced a more than sevenfold increase in detection of such heart inflammation, according to research presented Monday at RSNA21. 

Mary Mahoney, MD, explored these themes during her presidential address kicking off RSNA's annual meeting Sunday. 

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