Is an Amish community in Pennsylvania’s Lancaster County the first U.S. subpopulation to achieve herd immunity against COVID-19?

The ability for CVD patients to get urgent interventions was impacted indirectly by the COVID-19 pandemic.

A reversal in COVID telehealth reimbursement could further demoralize a medical specialty that has arguably carried more than its own weight during the public health crisis.

The group's findings will be presented in full at ACC Middle East 2021 in Egypt.

The study initially gained a lot of attention online for its findings related to myocarditis—but the authors had made a major error with their calculations. 

Healthcare access has improved thanks to advances and higher adoption of telemedicine.


As COVID-19 continues its latest falloff, close observers are trying to unravel the mystery of the virus’s repeating two-month cycles of surges and retreats.

According to a new analysis, the widespread use of remote heart failure care during the pandemic may lead to increased telemedicine use in the future. 

Researchers have found a particular wavelength of UV light that can kill COVID-19 without harming people’s skin or eyes.

Faced with sharply spiking assault rates against nurses and other frontline healthcare workers, one U.S. medical center is equipping hundreds of its people with wearables that can summon security at the click of a button.

The new study examines yet another way the pandemic impacted cardiovascular care. 

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