June 2021

Teens are getting the COVID vaccine—even when parents say not to
Pandemic worsened mental health conditions among healthcare workers
Telehealth demand starts to soften
New global guidance from WHO on developing and adopting healthcare AI
Cheers! AI augments hearing aids with virtual microphones ‘mounted’ on the forehead
Emergency care workers face high risk of verbal and physical assault
Johnson & Johnson settles opioid case with New York for $230M
Hospitals, physician groups recovering from pandemic lows
Cancer patients benefited under universal healthcare
Moderna, Pfizer vaccines will add rare heart inflammation warning
AI guides treatment of World Trade Center responders suffering post-traumatic stress
Out of many, one: COVID database takes root, epitomizes the national ideal
NextGen Healthcare announces CEO transition
How Nevada is creating a public healthcare option
LifePoint acquires Kindred Healthcare
AI helps head off shock in pediatric sepsis patients
Tell me how you really feel: AI analyzes unbound verbal expression to personalize mental healthcare
Aided by AI, a tiny device may offer nearly instant testing for COVID, seasonal flu
Hospital mergers drive up healthcare prices
CVS Health updates rewards program
Evidence of COVID-19 surfaced here much sooner than thought
4 ways machine learning is fixing to finetune clinical nutrition
Cano Health acquires University Health Care in $600M deal
AMA pushes for equity in telehealth
Vermont drops all COVID-19 restrictions after reaching 80% vaccination rate
Will Nurse Grace cheer patients up or scare them away?
AI researchers gaining broader access to compute resources, government-gathered data
Fashion is coming for healthcare workers
31M Americans are covered under Obamacare
Report reveals plausibility that COVID-19 leaked from Wuhan lab
Explainable AI helps solve tough cardiology cases, suggesting clinical adaptability by other specialties
FDA approves controversial Alzheimer’s drug
Healthcare execs say digital transformation is speeding up
Mask-wearing really did make a difference
Storytelling robots send parents of young children into AI’s ‘uncanny valley’
18* notable regulatory approvals of emerging technologies over the past 30 days
70% of adults are vaccinated in these 12 states
Popular states have some of the worst healthcare
JAMA editor resigns after Twitter controversy
Opinion: Want less bias in medical AI? Let patients help train models
New tools, techniques emerge to extend AI’s adaptability in cloud-based drug discovery
Mute AI not to be trusted to help make imaging-based diagnoses; explainable AI, fire away