March 2021

Biden administration promotes new Obamacare subsidies in $50M campaign
Minorities are severely underrepresented in healthcare workforce
FTC files suit to stop Illumina’s $7.1B takeover of life sciences firm
Nines gets nod on AI nodule measurer
Prostate AI flirts with perfection on accuracy
Prestigious provider org joins with storied tech giant to ‘accelerate discovery’
How to make virtual healthcare personal
Study confirms COVID-19 vaccines are effective
CDC director fears 'impending doom' in COVID-19 uptick
Healthcare AI takes another jab to the jaw
Individuals with MS well served by monitoring with ML
Growing library of literature on COVID-focused AI found wanting for usefulness
IoT outpacing AI and other emerging technologies in infection-conscious nursing
Medical AI can’t do much without info-sharing patients—and younger generations aren’t thrilled to be asked
Lung lesion AI earns FDA’s OK
COVID relief bill slashed insurance premiums for early retirees
COVID-19 vaccinations prevent infections among healthcare workers
What healthcare boards worry about in 2021
AI armband for COVID screening passes muster for emergency use
Landlords becoming healthcare providers
Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine sales to reach $15B
A surprising number of healthcare pros are skeptical of the COVID-19 vaccine
Large survey shows radiologists need AI education to keep job concerns at bay
Deep learning detects, annotates epileptic seizures on scant EEG data
What Watson Health going on the block may say about IBM per se
Pain impressively modulated by—and better understood with—immersive VR
AI guides therapeutic decisions for dialysis patients
Breast cancer AI cleared for EU markets
Humana changes health services business name to CenterWell
Amazon expands telehealth services beyond employees
Racial, ethnic disparities ranked No. 1 patient-safety issue of the year
New Walgreens CEO takes over
AI for CT angiography gets go-ahead
AI may help liberate parenting from ‘technoference’
Is COVID-focused AI ready for legal scrutiny?
Wrist-based early alert for COVID cleared for sale in Europe
Healthcare settings don’t exacerbate Covid-19 spread
Healthcare consolidation deserves stronger antitrust examination
2.7M healthcare workers plan to exit after pandemic
Portable MRI enhanced by AI cleared for prostate imaging
Explainable AI for breast cancer shows multidisciplinary logic ‘pixel by pixel’
COVID crisis burnishes AI’s promise while magnifying chinks in its armor
Telehealth claims surged in 2020
Many elderly Americans don’t understand their Medicare plans
CDC gives go-ahead for maskless gatherings of the fully vaccinated
Robots almost as good as clinicians at pleasing patients in the ER
AI imaging interpreter gains FDA’s OK for prostate care
AI identifies FDA-approved drugs warranting novel testing against Alzheimer’s
Meet the 10 best hospitals in the world
MRI study underscores patients don’t shop around for lower prices
Healthcare enrollment jumps in first two weeks of special period
Physician practices suffered at the start of the pandemic
AI finds pre-diabetes using only age, waist size—and Darwinism
8 principles for AI ethics in pathology, other specialties
Healthcare companies make Glassdoor’s best workplaces list
3 ways to improve healthcare administration and lower costs
FDA approves Johnson & Johnson’s Covid vaccine