August 2019

Wearables market to hit $54B in 2023
HHS speaks out on illnesses linked to e-cigarettes
Judge says former CVS executive cannot join PillPack
AI gives OCT images a resolution boost
Top 10 healthcare marketing mistakes
CMS updates Medicare Plan Finder for usability
FDA may use blockchain for medical recalls
Purdue Pharma opioid settlement between $10-$12B
Vaping illnesses highlight unregulated e-cigarette market
Siemens Healthineers Announces First U.S. Installations of Mobilett Elara Max
Infosys teams up with Univ. of Illinois in precision medicine play
HHS to fund Ebola vaccine
How AI can be applied to an EKG to measure overall health
NTT DATA Collaborates with Google Cloud on Next-Gen Healthcare Solutions
Physician pay rose in 2018 while productivity held steady
Quality Interactions Chosen as a Preferred Vendor by the Association for Community Affiliated Plans (ACAP)
Johnson & Johnson to appeal $572M opioid judgment
Echosens North America Names Jon Gingrich as CEO: Global Medical Device Business Executive Leads Strategic US Company Growth Strategy in Liver Disease Assessment
Cricket Health Names Colleen Reitan to Board of Directors and Adam Hameed as Chief Development Officer
AI reduces diagnostic workload of detecting UTIs
Medicare Advantage savings aren’t adding up
Illinois ties one death to vaping
Researchers are trying to make AI a force for good
Housework can reduce risk of early death
Mexico looks to AI for help solving healthcare challenges
Tech company, insurer partnering on virtual prescription assistant
How to make price transparency work
HHS gives $107M to health centers
Few healthcare workers get cybersecurity training
California legislature ramps up transparency pressure on Kaiser Permanente
New partnership injects AI into portable cardiac imaging
Healthcare AI’s slow progress from concept to clinic: an ‘inconvenient truth’
Google AI founder placed on leave
HHS revamps fight to publish drug prices in TV ads
What AI could mean to healthcare’s supply chain
Top 10 harms patients experience in hospitals
Migrants in border centers won't receive flu vaccines from US
Signify Health and Remedy Partners to merge
AI screens populations, subgroups for clinical depression
Trump’s hospital transparency rule faces new challenge
Algorithm guides care of ICU patients at risk of acute kidney injury
CDC to investigate lung diseases associated with vaping
Nurses urged to help lead as AI, robotics move deeper into healthcare
US social spending on pace with other countries
AI-minded builder of online health networks raises $9.44M
The market is healthy for healthcare AI research, but what’s in it for patients?
CMS to add star ratings to health plans
Virtual reality as pain management is taking off
When Google’s DeepMind bleeds money, should all AI stakeholders worry?
Changing up CMS model codes improves payment outcomes
AI finds unmapped regions in need of health services
Healthcare among top 10 fastest-growing companies
How those hospitals rankers stack up
High-tech ‘mission control center’ helps hospital system run like NASA
Employers clamp down on rising healthcare benefit costs
Illinois requires insurance to cover EpiPens for kids
Automated, AI-based insulin management in the works
Tufts, Harvard health plans to merge
PBMs passed on 99% of rebates
Kaiser workers vote to strike in October
Genetic data trades hands between hospitals and drugmakers
Homecare plus AI equals smart medicine for seniors
AI-powered brain aneurysm project gains big healthcare names
Neurosurgery asks AI to help answer hard questions about injured brains
Brit plan to spend millions on AI in healthcare draws detractors
Consumers more likely to embrace AI in commerce than healthcare
Emergency end-of-life care decisions eased by AI
How Vox analyzed and explained the high prices in emergency departments
CMS Obamacare report reveals drop in unsubsidized enrollment
IBM’s ‘Dr. Watson’ may have been misguided from the start
HHS drug price advisor to depart
Hospital, physician prices jumped over the last 5 years
Out-of-network billing rises, leaving patients with surprise expenses
AI tool guides management of elevated blood sugar during surgery
Eli Lilly’s half-price insulin hard to obtain
Robotic pal brings more than just fun to young hospital patients
AI emerging as healthcare leaders’ top toolset for reducing risk
Conversational AI helper goes live for healthcare consumers in Colorado
HHS directs $400M to battle opioid abuse epidemic
Editor’s pick: 8 data-driven healthcare trends to watch
Pricey cancer treatment will be covered by Medicare
Robotic cane gives unsteady walkers a virtual friend to lean on
Patients want price transparency in healthcare, but don’t really shop around
Humana’s wellness program for employees pays off
Undaunted by the unknown, hospital leaders leaping into nonclinical AI
Medical schools pushed to teach climate change
Pittsburgh Alliance, Amazon drive AI product development in Steel City
AI in healthcare funding hits new high
PA salaries rose slightly in 2018
EHR voice assistant lets docs stay attentive to patients
AI startup company raises $550M
32M patient records have been breached in first half of 2019
More than half of psychiatry studies spin conclusions
Elderly at risk of falling cool-headedly watched by AI
Trump reportedly working on alternative to Medicare for all
CVS expands drug delivery across nation
Elderly missing persons getting found by AI in China
Ultrathin human-machine interface device could let robots touch, feel
Axios: Healthcare responsible for wage stagnation
How healthcare providers are managing their digital reputations