February 2021

Computer vision holds promise for the ICU but may face opposition from clinicians, patients, families
AI picks out blood biomarkers for autism
‘Bidirectional’ patient transfers helped this state protect rural healthcare from COVID
Working group debuts standard for AI in healthcare trustworthiness
AI decision aid improves patient outcomes
IBM sale of Watson Health reveals healthcare’s AI conflict
US hits sad milestone: 500,000 COVID-19 deaths
Hospitals face long recovery from COVID-19 financial hits
Star ratings really do reflect quality of care in Medicare Advantage
CVS Health to re-enter ACA marketplace
Oscar Health to launch IPO
AHA asks for quick confirmation of new HHS leader
IBM floats the shopping around of Watson Health
Everyday people photos equip AI for skin-cancer screening
AI-powered voice screening for COVID earns CE mark
Healthcare for children heavily delayed during the pandemic
AI algorithm targets new coronavirus outbreaks
Healthcare M&A drops in 2020
Virtual patients making fans of actual physicians
Call made for more rigorous evaluation of AI aimed at guiding providers, patients
Ethics researchers warn of healthcare AI’s potential for widening gaps between haves and have-nots
Humana partners with IBM Watson on AI solution
Electronic transactions could save healthcare industry $16.3B
Vitamin C and Zinc don’t fight COVID-19
Price transparency rattling hospitals to varying degrees, effects
Philips partnering with Saudi Arabia on national healthcare AI
Federal officers trying to track down scammers behind ‘massive’ counterfeit PPE stores
Case study: Telemonitoring patients at home may reduce COVID hospitalizations, ER visits
6 steps major new coalition will pursue to grow Obamacare, reach for universal healthcare
Machine learning helps guide difficult decisions on inpatient transfers
AI exposes ‘severe’ underestimation of COVID prevalence at the hands of antibody surveys
The 10 most expensive drugs patients may give themselves
Aggregated, analyzed web searches predict spikes, falloffs in COVID cases
New academic institute looks to ‘radically transform health systems away from hospitals and clinics’
Vaccine distribution help on the way from Google
In silico AI needs just minutes to refine development of mutation-busting vaccines
Proactive AI-based ICU patient monitoring cleared for market
Oxford experts: ‘Ethically unacceptable’ to bypass impact testing of AI-powered clinical decision support
YouTube to bring authoritative health content with new partnerships
Most COVID-19 spread by younger adults, early middle-agers
Kaiser Permanente partners with Accenture, Microsoft to improve cloud capabilities
Consumers want a better way to pay for healthcare
Can COVID-19 cause, uncover or otherwise activate diabetes?
US drug prices soar above international averages