Formativ Health Partners with Conversa to Improve Patient-Provider Access and Clinically Intelligent Conversations

NEW YORK—Formativ Health, a technology-enabled health services company focused on transforming the patient-provider experience, announced today its partnership with Conversa Health to enable personalized patient care through automated digital conversations.

Formativ, which works with physician practices, hospitals and health systems to manage all facets of their patients’ experiences, is using Conversa to enable its clients to communicate easier, faster and in a more significant way with patients. The Conversa partnership is another way Formativ is strengthening its Patient Engagement Platform (PEP) to better serve its clients as Conversa delivers personalized, automated conversations that help monitor, manage, and engage patient populations at scale.

Using Conversa, Formativ now offers a “conversational AI” platform that delivers an easy and meaningful way for care teams and patients to communicate around the clock across a wide range of scenarios that include chronic care, pre-and post-surgical care, post-acute, and prevention and wellness. When escalations arise, Formativ’s automated technology capabilities and live Patient Engagement Specialists can quickly and easily intervene to ensure patients are immediately connected to the care they need. Conversa delivers these chats between patient and provider to take place on any device without logins or software downloads, using a secure browser that can push email, text or direct inbox notifications.

Conversa is being highly featured at the Connected Health Conference in Boston on October 17-19 (booth #324).

“As we add functionality to our Patient Engagement Platform, we’re excited to incorporate Conversa’s conversational AI to help us communicate with patients across channels and coordinate care,” said David Harvey, CTO at Formativ. “Increasingly, patients are looking to interact with their healthcare providers in more ways, including chat. Having the ability to connect with patients on their terms will ultimately lead to a better experience and better outcomes,” Harvey added.

“Northwell Health is committed to transforming healthcare by enabling our customers to be active participants in their care, affording them timely access to important health information, and communication tools to help make better, more informed, decisions. We have great relationships with Formativ and Conversa, and this new partnership between two of our Northwell Ventures portfolio companies will help us better engage with our patients and improve care coordination, patient satisfaction, and ongoing patient relationship management, improving the well-being of our customers while reducing costs,” explained Tom Thornton, head of the venture capital arm at Northwell Health, a top health system for which Formativ manages patient engagement for its entire network.

“Today, patients expect more than just a brief communication about the status of their care and health. Patients want personalized, timely patient-provider experiences. Conversa is powering our Northwell Health Chats, which is the vehicle by which our patients and providers can securely, confidentially and easily communicate. Formativ and Conversa are on the cutting edge of improving this communication and engagement, which ultimately improves outcomes and results in healthier and more satisfied patients all around,” Thornton added.

“The expectations of digitally savvy consumers and healthcare economic realities are driving a transformational shift from episodic visit-centered care to new models of continuous, collaborative virtual care experiences,” said West Shell III, CEO and co-founder of Conversa. “This market momentum is accelerating demand from healthcare organizations to adopt personalized, automated communication solutions like Conversa to strengthen and proactively manage their valuable patient relationships. We are excited about the partnership with Formativ and integrating our capabilities into their Patient Engagement Platform.”

About Conversa

As healthcare’s conversation platform, Conversa delivers an easy and meaningful way for care teams and patients to communicate. Conversa has an extensive library of over 500 clinically-intelligent conversation programs that include asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), congestive heart failure (CHF), diabetes, hypertension, joint replacement, and many more. Using Conversa’s innovative and scalable Conversational AI technology, healthcare organizations can deliver automated, personalized doctor-patient conversation experiences that lead to more informed and meaningful patient relationships, effective population management, and, ultimately, better clinical and financial outcomes. Conversa was recently awarded the industry’s Top Patient Engagement Solutions Technology Leadership Award by global analyst firm, Frost and Sullivan. For more information, visit, Twitter or LinkedIn.

About Formativ Health

New York City-based Formativ Health is a technology-enabled health services company focused on transforming the patient-provider experience. Their services help health systems respond to the rise of consumerism by combining powerful technology with an empathetic approach to customer service. Formativ helps clients enhance their patients’ experience, adapt to evolving risk-based payment models, improve financial performance, increase practice productivity, and elevate physician satisfaction and patient loyalty. For more information, visit or on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


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