Augmented reality company secures $15M in funding from Cleveland Clinic, Mayo, GE Healthcare and more

Augmented reality med-tech company MediView XR Inc. today announced that it has secured millions in funding from several big names in the healthcare industry. 

In a May 16 release, the company said it has landed $15 million in funding from Cleveland Clinic, Mayo, GE HealthCare, JobsOhio Capital Growth Fund, Inside View Investments, and KKVS Syndicate, on top of securing additional commitments for its next funding round.  

Mina S. Fahim, president and CEO of MediView, said that the company feels “energized” by its collaboration with such influential investors. 

"Expanding industry and clinical partnerships and collaborations with world-class brands and leaders will further accelerate our speed of innovation,” Fahim said in a prepared statement. “Working together to build a clinical augmented reality digital ecosystem better equips healthcare practitioners with advanced surgical visualization and navigation tools to deliver better care and enable greater patient access." 

Originally developed at Cleveland Clinic, MediView’s technologies utilize augmented reality (AR) to provide clinicians with 3D “X-ray vision” guidance during minimally invasive procedures and surgeries, while also offering remote collaboration. Its products combine live and 3D medical imaging into AR, which has the potential to improve the precision of various medical procedures, especially in underserved areas.

The company has worked with many big names in the healthcare industry to advance clinical insights into its technologies, most recently entering into agreements with Mayo Clinic and GE Healthcare. To date, MediView has gained approximately $29.5 million in funding to further its efforts. 

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