Digital Transformation

The plan is to benefit not only consumers but also providers, who will immediately know how much reimbursement to expect and how much administrative activity they can prudently avoid.

Telehealth is growing big and strong while feeling the pains of its own success, according to a new JD Power satisfaction survey.

Walmart has partnered with health records system provider Epic to standardize EHR tools and processes at its health centers.


Telehealth appointments only make up about 20% of all doctor visits.


E-commerce giant Amazon is bringing its expanding healthcare services to 20 U.S. cities.


Google is scattering its healthcare endeavors across separate departments, according to a memo leaked to Insider.

Broadening clinician access to the health histories of patients’ parents and grandparents would help ward off or better treat numerous chronic illnesses common to middle-aged adults in the U.S.

As healthcare offices closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth surged. Now that states are reopening, the tide is starting to ebb, according to a recent report from Trilliant.

CVS Health has updated its ExtraCare Rewards loyalty program for the first time in 20 years. 


In an effort to bridge divides in access to telehealth services, the American Medical Association has approved a new policy aimed at helping underserved communities and populations.


The vast majority of healthcare executives say digital transformation across their organizations is accelerating, according to a recent survey of 399 executives from six countries.

Mayo Clinic Health System is permanently closing five locations in Minnesota and Iowa. 


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