November 2020

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COVID may cause hospitals’ bottom lines to bottom out—again
Affective computing could make healthcare AI more considerate of human feelings
AI hypothesizes, shows a connection between optimistic outlook and COVID ethics
FDA clears AI for mobile radiology reads, patient communications
COVID crisis in Nebraska: ‘We’re watching a system breaking in front of us and we’re helpless to stop it’
3 industry orgs suing HHS, FDA over Canadian drug imports
CDC floats guidance on COVID vaccine distribution
AI helps diagnose Parkinson’s on eye images capturable by smartphone
Opinion: For healthcare AI to be all that it can be, ‘the user’s needs must come first’
COVID crisis prompts call for more telehealth powered by AI and assisted by robots
5 mixed takes on the opening of Amazon Pharmacy
Healthcare AI startup lands $42M plus a partnership with Mayo
Nuance hands off 2 business units, leans hard into conversational AI
AMA plans to push for more telehealth ‘throughout the pandemic and beyond’
Face masks give no additional COVID defense to social distancing: Danish study
3 ways to drive rather than react to workforce changes quickened by COVID
How and why to diversify healthcare AI training data
$500K on the table in AI vs. COVID contest
Medtronic builds AI spinal surgery business with 7th acquisition of 2020
Nurses, surgery workers had highest COVID-positive rates when the pandemic was young
Surprise medical bills cost younger adults more
Measles coiled to do children far more harm than COVID-19
2020 has seen AI emerge as essential to disease research
Deep learning gives stable inpatients a good night’s sleep
Progressive, conservative-leaning groups harmonize for telehealth
New COVID concern: ‘We are asking people to take a vaccine that is going to hurt’
4 forces favoring, 5 working against Biden’s wish to lower Medicare eligibility age
Life sciences going all in with AI, with many companies spending upwards of $50M—and counting
Machine learning models about as trustworthy as conventional means for risk prediction
3 recent notable approvals of medical AI
In a post- or protracted COVID world, no hospital concern will loom larger than patient experience
3 areas newly ripe for employer-driven change in healthcare policy
Health execs best consider now what a ‘Bidencare’ might look like later
Microsoft finetuning anti-pandemic technologies in a ‘stimulating playground for algorithm development’
‘Beleaguered’ residency directors urged to take care in adopting AI
Health execs implementing AI undaunted by COVID
3 takeaways from an unfinished healthcare project at Alphabet’s X
US patents for AI innovations skyrocketing; IBM the top corporate AI inventor
CMS to penalize 2,500+ hospitals this year for excessive readmissions in years past
Backward tracing busts COVID clusters, as Japan has found and shown
More than half a year into COVID crisis, PPE was still scarce at many nursing homes
AI with location data may fine-tune flu forecasting
4 key steps toward adopting AI-aided triage at scale
Hopes in AI running high among healthcare executives
Facebook still providing safe spaces for COVID misinformers