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As Joe Biden makes plans to intensify the federal response to the COVID crisis, he can expect support on that agenda item from 77% of Democrats, 62% of independents, 55% of Republicans and 50% of others.

Physicians who lived in three of the most populous states and were eligible to vote from 2006 to 2018 did so at a rate 14 percentage points lower than the population as a whole.

U.S. physicians favor the idea of a two-tiered healthcare system, one in which a single-payer option peacefully coexists with private coverage. Their least favorite model? Single-payer Medicare for All.

Even after receiving $7.5 billion in federal COVID relief and billions more from the Paycheck Protection Program, nursing homes are still hurting financially. Should the field’s for-profit players have their hands out with the rest?

Of 125 public comments submitted to the FDA on how best to regulate AI software as a medical device, nearly two-thirds came from parties with financial ties to industry, according to a study running in BMJ Open.

Close to 50 medical organizations representing 1.4 million physicians and other clinicians are pressing CMS to amend the physician fee schedule (PFS) the agency has proposed for Medicare in 2021.

Around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic, words have occasionally led to blows over people in public not wearing face masks. Then too, fisticuffs have erupted over people in public wearing face masks.

More than 100 patient groups across 38 countries have banded together to form an international patient advocacy coalition to be known as the World Patients Alliance.

The resolution represents the second largest payment to resolve a HIPAA investigation in OCR history. It also includes a robust corrective action plan that calls for, among other things, two years of monitoring.

The Trump Administration’s main aim is widening consumer access to lower prices.

So many parents have held children back from visiting clinicians’ offices during the COVID crisis that CMS is issuing an urgent call to action: Please hold them back no more.

A common tactic is sending off Medicaid-covered seniors with dementia following emergency “psychotic” episodes. When psychiatric wards and hospitals quickly discharge the patients, the nursing homes refuse to take them back in.

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The United States has faced a growing shortage of physicians for some time. This long-term trend—coupled with the pandemic and increased imaging demand throughout 2021—have led to a highly competitive radiologist employment market at a time when practices find themselves short-staffed, overworked, and in need of relief.

Can you recall the last shift during which you spent close to 100% of your time on clinical duties?

Medical malpractice claims are a significant source of anxiety for all radiologists. Unfortunately, decisions made in the heat of the moment, with the absolute best intentions, can still land a specialist in court.

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