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Margin pressures among U.S. healthcare and pharmaceutical companies are at risk with renewed labor challenges and supply chain issues.


Bain Capital and Hellman & Friedman announced the move on Monday, acquiring the health tech company from Veritas Capital and Evergreen Coast Capital.

Policymakers should consider making changes to oversight and reporting rules given the findings, experts warned.

Kaufman, Hall & Associates has acquired Healthcare Real Estate Capital, a national advisory firm focused on the healthcare and higher education real estate capital markets sectors.


J&J's consumer business—responsible for Tylenol, Band-Aid and more household names—will separate from its pharmaceutical and medical device division.

Health insurance premiums have risen 4% for workers in 2021.


Road injuries, falls and urinary diseases accounted for the highest percentage of that total, according to new figures published in PLOS One.

Kaiser maintains it has done nothing wrong and said it plans to "strongly" defend against lawsuits alleging otherwise.

A reversal in COVID telehealth reimbursement could further demoralize a medical specialty that has arguably carried more than its own weight during the public health crisis.

Not much M&A activity has occurred in healthcare during the third quarter of 2021, but a few recently announced deals are big in value. 

Destination healthcare consumers and their traveling companions will soon enjoy all the niceties Hilton hotels have to offer—as long as the provider organization of the patient’s choice is the Mayo Clinic in Florida.

Macquarie Asset Management, a global financial services group, has acquired a 50% stake in Medical Properties Trust.


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The first federated learning experiment will kick off in early 2022, aiming to produce a “highly accurate” COVID-19 classification model through collaboration. 

Cardiac imaging produced a more than sevenfold increase in detection of such heart inflammation, according to research presented Monday at RSNA21. 

Mary Mahoney, MD, explored these themes during her presidential address kicking off RSNA's annual meeting Sunday. 

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