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Using telemedicine to combat drug addiction comes with challenges

Rural areas hit hard by the rise in opioid addiction often lack the needed treatment expertise, but health professionals may have a solution: video chat.

Losing money on faulty medical bills? There's an app for that

Dealing with hospital bills is a struggle for everyone involved, striking at least annoyance and possibly terror in the hearts of patients, administrators, physicians and payors alike. They can be confusing, and errors can unnecessarily boost costs. According to The Atlantic, between 10 percent and 30 percent of medical bills include some kind of error.

Oracle reaches $100 million settlement with Oregon over failed exchange site

The state of Oregon paid $240 million for software giant Oracle to create the state’s Cover Oregon insurance exchange site, but the company will settle several lawsuits related to the site’s failure for just $100 million.

Pushing for a more connected ICU—without adding more alarms

Incentive care units may be critical departments in any hospital, but as STAT’s Usha Lee McFarling writes, they haven’t changed much in the past few decades.

Unless you count adding more alarms.

Health IT firm develops system to track, share info on hackers

Ransomware has developed into a growing infection for the medical industry, except that healthcare providers can’t treat these problems so easily. In an effort to fight data-stealing hackers, MedCrypt has recently raised $750,000 to develop new means of protection.

What sectors of the market are embracing telehealth?

Telehealth has the ability to bring patients and doctors who are miles apart face-to-face through the use of technology, but exactly what kind of facilities actually take advantage of the advancements of telehealth?

Healthcare industry accounts for 88 percent of all ransomware attacks

In the newly released Security Engineering Research Team (SERT) Quarterly Threat Report for Q2 2016, Solutionary analyzed the rates of ransomware attacks in all industries. Unsurprisingly, the healthcare industry topped the list.

HHS releases guidelines for healthcare facilities facing ransomware attacks

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) have released its newest guidelines for healthcare facilities when faced with a ransomware attack in response to insufficient security of data, reports Fedscoop.

What's healthcare's prognosis when it comes to data security?

With cybersecurity becoming a fixture in the news, finding solutions needs to be a priority for the experts in the healthcare industry.

CMS finalizes rules allowing sale of claims data to providers, employers

Medicare and private sector claims data will be permitted to be sold or shared to organizations which will use the information to improve care, as long as those recipients follow privacy and security requirements laid out in newly finalized CMS rules.