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A California judge ruled Sacramento-based Sutter Health “intentionally destroyed” 192 boxes of documents which were sought in an antitrust lawsuit against the not-for-profit health system.

Shareholders of the Advisory Board Company signed off on the $1.3 billion sale of its healthcare division to UnitedHealth Group’s Optum health services segment.

Policymakers may think elderly Americans should be satisfied with their Medicare coverage, but, according to new research from the Commonwealth Fund, they come in last place when compared to senior healthcare in 10 other countries.

Price growth in healthcare was at a 1.1 percent annual rate as of Sept. 2017 compared to the year prior, according to the Altarum Institute, coming close to the all-time low of 0.9 percent annual growth seen in Dec. 2015.

The new analysis differs from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO)’s Dec. 2016 report, which projected greater savings of $416 billion and a larger drop in coverage of 16 million.


Recent Headlines

Hospitals are second largest source of private sector jobs

With nearly 5.6 million employees, community hospitals are the second largest source of private sector jobs, according to a new American Hospital Association report.

Hospital executives preparing for value-based Medicare payments

Nearly three-quarters of physician leaders said their organizations are preparing for changes in the way hospitals are reimbursed for treating Medicare patients, according to a new poll.

10 Calif. hospitals slapped with $700K in fines for medical mistakes

Ten hospitals in California were hit with administrative penalties totaling $700,000 due to medical errors.

Survey: Clients, employees approve of Cerner acquisition of Siemens Healthcare IT

A survey of the current clients of Cerner and Siemens Healthcare’s IT division, as well as employees at both entities, reveal positive feelings about the upcoming acquisition, according to a survey conducted by Black Book Rankings.

Michigan merger of three not-for-profit healthcare systems finalized

Beaumont Health System, Botsford Health Care and Oakwood Healthcare are now officially one organization — Beaumont Health. The new $3.8 billion not-for-profit health care organization is one of southeastern Michigan’s largest with eight hospitals with 3,337 beds, 153 outpatient sites, 5,000 physicians and more than 33,000 employees.

CMS actuaries predict current slowdown in health care spending will not last

In a report published in the policy journal Health Affairs, the actuaries examine a broad range of factors pushing healthcare spending down and up from now through 2023. They conclude that 2013 health spending growth should have remained slow at 3.6 percent. Starting in 2014, however, the pace of growth begins to pick up again as the economic recovery strengthens, more people acquire insurance under the Affordable Care Act’s coverage expansions and the baby boomer generation drives an overall aging of the population.

Highmark and UPMC saga draws to a close with publication of final transition plan

The Pennsylvania Insurance Department has posted the final transition plan for consumers as the contract between rivals Highmark and UPMC comes to an end on Dec. 31, 2014.

PwC Health Research Institute confirms that hospitals in Medicaid expansion states are faring vastly better

In a report issued this week, the PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Health Research Institute concludes that the patchwork Medicaid expansion the courts allowed under the Affordable Care Act has created health system “haves and have nots.”

Chicagoland mega healthcare system merger finalized

It’s official, on September 1, Northwestern Memorial HealthCare, one of Chicago’s leading academic medical center-focused healthcare systems and Cadence Health, operator of two community hospitals and numerous outpatient centers west of the city, become one.

CBO revises estimates for growth in government healthcare spending downward

In an update to its April forecast, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) said it now expects Medicare spending to be $49 billion less from 2015 to 2024 than it expected it to be back in April. It also predicted Medicaid spending would be $40 billion less than it thought it would be in its earlier report.