What U.S. hospitals can learn from a value-based strategy in the Netherlands

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insurers as Bernhoven did, and the insurers will want something in return. In this case, it was the benefit of being able to applying what they’ve learned to other partnerships.

“Let’s bring these (lessons) to other hospitals, so on a national level, we can curb healthcare costs by a few (percentage points),” Visser said.

Both presenters warned there will be unavoidable consequences. By decreasing admissions and consultations in the first year of the project, Bernhoven lost 20,000 bed days, which means the hospital won’t need as many nurses.

After the presentation, Visser and van den Enden were asked by HealthExec whether American hospitals may struggle to copy Bernhoven’s care model due to regulatory differences between the two nations. Van den Enden said it may actually be easier in the U.S., as there are opportunities for vertical integration here which aren’t allowed in Netherlands.

“Your HMO systems, those are designed for this kind of work,” he said .