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 - Richard H. Wiggins, III, MD, CIIP, FSIIM
As an early adopter of speech recognition technology in 2000, Richard H. Wiggins, III, MD, CIIP, FSIIM, witnessed a stunning reduction in turnaround times (TAT) at the University of Utah Health Care, Salt Lake City.
 - Lincoln Berland, MD
Recognizing the explosion in clinical factors affecting the outcome and diagnosis of disease, Lincoln Berland, MD, played an instrumental role in the development of clinical criteria beginning in 2006. As then-chair of the ACR Abdominal Imaging Committee, and with the support of the ACR, he...
 - Don Naugler, Nuance
When Medicare launched its Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) in 2007, the agency might just as well have come right out and told physicians: Show your quality or forfeit your profitability.
 - Carlos Carrasco
Medical imaging exchange within Orlando Health’s expansive system of six community hospitals, two specialty hospitals, a cancer center and nearly 3,000  physicians with privileges was turnkey; despite its best efforts, instantaneous image sharing with its 50 referring facilities continued to elude...
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