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 - Evan Kaminer, MD
Here’s a riddle: If every imaging interpretation is labeled stat, are any of them truly stat?
 - McKesson's Mammography Plus
When working at a high volume breast imaging provider, radiologists can’t afford speed bumps. But hiccups in workflow are inevitable when a radiologist is forced to constantly switch between different workstations, each with their own interfaces and controls.
 - Nicole Hardin
Every hospital-based radiology department in the U.S. knows it needs to reduce costs while improving care—now, not later on down the road—but only the most focused and forward-looking manage to pull off the feat one day and, the next, secure its sustainability for many years to come.
 - Doctor with iPad
The ubiquity of smartphones and tablets has transformed the way physicians can access healthcare information, including imaging. Vendors have tried to step up to the plate by offering myriad solutions to display data on mobile devices, but providers and their vendor partners would be wise to not...
 - Ohad Arazi
Some reputations are hard to shake. Medical imaging has for years been thought of as one of the biggest cost centers in the healthcare system, and it’s a perception that affects how radiology services are regulated.