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Optimizing Effective Cancer Care at NIH
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See how leading radiologists and oncologists at NIH are using technology such as semi-automated cancer lesion management and multi-media reporting software to reliably, consistently and quickly distribute reports in oncology follow up and treatment planning.
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Septicemia continues to pose a challenge to hospitals: A statistical brief1 released recently by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality indicates not only that 47.1% of aggregate hospital costs incurred in 2011 were related to the 20 most expensive conditions to treat, but that the top...
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With cost containment driving many health-care decisions, the temptation exists for hospital executives to judge a service line on speed and efficiency (and to overlook quality). In a service line such as radiology—for which accuracy is not easily assessed and quality measurements are not...
 - Patient Data
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A carefully managed electronic data warehouse is a key component of improved patient care in any health-care practice and is surprisingly easy to build on and improve, once you begin the implementation process. Those were the key points of “Use of Registry Tools to Improve Care,” presented by...
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For many years, in health care, patients in the United States got what we all thought was high-quality care: well-trained physicians delivering as much health care as patients wanted, much as restaurants serve food. The value revolution in health care means that care providers can no longer wait...