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Cara Livernois
News Writer
As a News Writer at TriMed Media Group, Cara covers breaking news across several facets of the healthcare industry for all of TriMed's brands.

Sun Life has released its fifth annual “Sun Life Stop-Loss Research Report," outlining the top 10 catastrophic claims conditions. The report provides data from 53,000 claimants and $4.5 billion in stop-loss reimbursements to project changes over time in costs of medical conditions.

A study conducted by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development found children with obese parents were at greater risk for developmental delays.

Vaccines are made to prevent the common diseases from harming the body, but those who remain unvaccinated pose a threat to themselves, others and even the economy. The University of North Carolina estimates those who go unvaccinated cost the U.S. $7.1 billion in 2015.

Ransomware has developed into a growing infection for the medical industry, except that healthcare providers can’t treat these problems so easily. In an effort to fight data-stealing hackers, MedCrypt has recently raised $750,000 to develop new means of protection.

 - Veterans Affairs Department

The last few years have not been kind to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) with stories about scheduling delays, long wait times and lack of patient access. As a way to deal with such issues, VA medical centers are implementing lean processes. A new study published by JAMA Surgery evaluated just how efficient these lean processes are, and if the VA is up to the challenge of caring for a growing number of veterans.

Telehealth has the ability to bring patients and doctors who are miles apart face-to-face through the use of technology, but exactly what kind of facilities actually take advantage of the advancements of telehealth?

Cardiovascular disease has been the top killer of people for decades, but now cancer is reaching the top of the list in 12 European counties.

Karen DeSalvo, MD, has announced her resignation as the head of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC). She will be replaced by her principal deputy director, Vindell Washington, as national coordinator.

Cancer, the common enemy of all people. We’ve been researching and studying this deadly disease for years and while we have made strides in care, a cure has still evaded researchers

Reducing the constantly increasing cost of healthcare is at the top of the list for anyone purchasing healthcare. The problem is finding where to cut these costs and figuring out why they have been increasing over the years.